What we do

Brand & Message Development

As customers, influencers, and stakeholders increasingly choose businesses that are authentic, transparent, and purpose-driven, we work with leadership teams to establish or refine their company’s narrative and create a messaging architecture that elicits emotional responses, drives action, and builds brand awareness. 

This work involves defining the brand purpose and strategy, clarifying target audiences, refining the company’s value proposition, exploring company values and culture and a better understanding of competitor position and key differentiators.

The process itself brings enormous clarity and a step-by-step roadmap for reaching business goals—from client acquisition to increasing brand awareness in key markets to corporate change such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, or management transition.

Our expertise includes:

  • Message development (collaborative workshops)
  • Digital asset creation (website and social platforms)
  • Presentation creation and fine-tuning (investor and stakeholder decks)
  • Documentation building (talking points, sales scripts, boilerplate, Q&A)
  • Founder and key executive training (media and presentation skills)

Critical Communications Strategy & Execution

An organization may never know when a crisis will hit or when the enterprise will face an instance of significant change or threat to its reputation and business prospects. We have decades of experience helping companies plan, execute, navigate, and successfully overcome complex, critical situations. We help shape the narrative and effectively communicate to their stakeholder groups.

Our expertise includes:

  • Financial Communications
  • Mergers and acquisitions (contested and uncontested)
  • Integration strategy
  • IPOs, SPACs and fund raisings
  • Crisis preparation, response and management
  • Litigation communications
  • Media relations
  • Executive transitions
  • Reputation management

Content Creation & Marketing

As early adopters of content marketing, we’ve seen firsthand the critical role content can play—when done right—in building brand authority and pipelines.

From articles to videos to infographics to marketing collateral, we partner with brands and their leadership to identify content themes and create smart, timely, high-value content that cuts through industry noise and drives tangible business outcomes.

Our expertise includes:

  • Editorial calendar development
  • Article drafting and copy writing
  • Email broadcast marketing
  • Video and infographic development
  • Search engine optimization techniques


Executive Profile & Thought Leadership

We have developed global thought leadership profiles for CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world. Our approach to thought leadership centers around the issues that are not only important to your brand but also those that are important to your customers. We work with executives to identify the conversations defining their industry and those they want to champion. From there, we develop a strategy aligned to their expertise and passion and explore creative opportunities to position them at the center of the conversation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Drafting and pitching op-eds and by-lined articles
  • Sponsored posts on digital platforms
  • Seeking high-level speaking opportunities
  • Organizing journalist interviews (profile pieces)

Public Affairs

The stakeholder landscape has changed, companies can no longer ignore issues or communities that are not directly impacted by the company’s business. Understanding what regulators, elected officials, community and labor leaders are concerned about is as important as knowing what investors and Wall Street are focused on.

Our experience at the highest levels of the corporate and political worlds enable us to understand and react to all audiences. We have experience in helping companies navigate the complex world of the political, regulatory and legislative world. In addition to being able to offer guidance on geopolitics and world markets. We team with leading strategists, pollsters, lobbyists, and grassroots organizers to ensure your messages are crafted.

Our expertise includes:

  • Coalition and campaign management
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Influencer relationship building
  • Third-party validator development
  • Thought leadership creation
  • Reputation management
  • Strategic persuasion
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • CFIUS communications