Inspiration for Your LinkedIn Strategy

getting right on linkedin

As you consider your own LinkedIn content strategy, here are a few brands we think are getting LinkedIn right. They’re leveraging the platform to communicate their brand purpose and culture while also clearly driving towards strategic business goals—from lead generation to recruiting to brand building.

In addition to sharing some of our favorite accounts, we also pulled out what we think they’re doing right to help inspire your approach.

The List

  1. Dropbox
  2. Goldman Sachs
  3. Hays
  4. Deloitte
  5. Teleperformance
  6. ServiceNow
  7. Adobe
  8. SalesForce

What They’re Doing Well

  1. Their feeds are lively. When you visit each page, there’s no sense of “doing it for the sake of doing it.” Each feed has a dynamic mix of content, from original and curated articles to videos to more in-depth white papers and case studies. We also get to hear from a variety of people on these feeds—from the leadership team to employees to customers.
  2. Their content is approachable. We can’t overemphasize the importance of this. We see so many B2B brands try to assert their authority and expertise with overly technical industry-speak. These brands do a great job of talking to people like people, making their content—and brand—feel approachable.
  3. They use branded graphics. This can feel like a barrier to entry for smaller B2B brands but it shouldn’t be. Batch create a few templates with a designer, use a DIY platform (like Canva) or hire a marketing team to do it all for you.
  4. They humanize their staff. Through staff interviews and profiles, these brands highlight the people behind the brand. It’s a strategy that’s great for building brand trust, promoting company culture and recruiting.
  5. They share content from their customers and wider community. Dropbox does this through its #lifeinsidedropbox content, Adobe through its “Women Create Wednesday” content. It’s an opportunity to engage directly with your customers and community and it also shows that you have an engaged community to the wider world, further promoting your credibility as a brand.

Also, take a look at the engagement they’re getting on these posts. These aren’t big numbers. But these brands have hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of followers and several were included in LinkedIn Best of Pages for 2019. LinkedIn isn’t known for its high platform engagement, but it doesn’t mean people aren’t paying attention.